Pastured Tastes Better

About Us

Ma and Pa with Poppie

Michael and Rae Thompson - Owners/Operators

Our vision is simple - produce the very best lambs possible in a humane, natural and stress free manner to create a distinctive tasty and totally natural meat without any growth hormones/additives or processed feeds common with 'feedlot' commercial meat.

Our Story

After living and farming in Australia we worked across Asia Pacific for over 20 years living with our four boys in various countries.   Finally returning to Canada, we now have the opportunity to live out our dream in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where we've cleared 150 virgin acres.

Our farm name reflects happy memories of Michael's grandfathers farm in North Lancashire.

Our Livestock Guardian Angels

Bounded by Crown Land our 'little slice of paradise' is a haven for bears, coyotes and even the occasional Bobcat, all spectacular wildlife which unfortunately (like us!) love the taste of lamb.

Our protection partners at the Winckley Farm endeavour are our three Livestock Protection dogs (Bella, Aspen and Doggan) who this year have done a superb job of protecting our 60 plus flocks without any predatory losses to date.

Next Steps...

Want to place an order then go to our CONTACT US page and provide us with your name and contact details and we'll send you an Order Form enabling you to order your whole and the style of cuts you wish.

Our lambs are usually ready in late October and weigh in at approximately 45lbs dressed for a whole lamb.